Good Friday

Bruce Dawe is a well loved and brilliant Australian Poet.  I was moved to tears, when as a teenager, I first read 'And a Good Friday was had by all'.  It still gets me every time. And a Good Friday was had by all Bruce Dawe You men there keep those women back and God … Continue reading Good Friday


You Are Loved!

A wonderful post from Erika Kind – one of many inspiring and amazing people that I have discovered on this blogging journey! 💚💗✨

Share Your Light

Bildergebnis für you are a creature of divine love connected at all times to source. Divine love is when you see god in everyone and everything you encounter. wayne dyer quotes

Usually, when we are children we feel the love or our parents through their care, through them telling us bedtime stories, through them making sure we have all we need, through playing with us, and bringing smiles on our faces. The more we grow and discover the world outside of our protected island the more we encounter other situations and people who are not so loving to us. (Unfortunately, there are many children who already experience a rougher entrance into this world from day one on.) Depending on how we deal with that and how we move on with our experience it can appear that over the years we see this world as a cold and forbidding place.

Bildergebnis für you are  spirit love quotes

As we know, this is not our only life. This is a life within our life. What we experience here is an excursion into a theatre where we slip into a role…

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