What’s it all about?

The Magenta Blues blogs seek to provide inspiration and comfort as we go about the business of our lives by telling small stories that highlight simple, important truths.

I will share ideas that are sometimes practical, sometimes whimsical, but always aimed at leaving a feeling of connection and poignancy through common experience.  From euphoric victories in everyday life, to the unbearable pain of ordinary loss.

Magenta is recognised as a colour that evokes feelings of harmony and balance.  It is sometimes known as Goethe’s ‘new colour’ – the once unknown colour that falls between the red and violet of the rainbow spectrum and creates a full circle of colour.  Red is vibrant, energetic and violet is reflective, thoughtful – together, they create magenta and bring emotional balance and harmony.

Colloquially, ‘the blues’ have long signified feeling down, perhaps depressed.  Blue is also associated with integrity and the notion of being ‘true’.  Even with ‘the blues’, the colour blue brings feelings of serenity and hope.

Together, magenta and blue can re-imagine peace, contentment and joy.