Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: 9000 miles from home-Carla Santamaria — Brave and Reckless

When I started Magenta Blues earlier this year, I hadn't fully appreciated the joy and connection that the blogging and writing community would bring me.  There are many amazing writers and poets to be discovered - not least of which is Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless who so graciously and generously shared my latest … Continue reading Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: 9000 miles from home-Carla Santamaria — Brave and Reckless


Simple Wisdom for the Season

There is such simple wisdom in the tales and the fables we heard and read as children. Perhaps none more so than the collection of Dr. Seuss favorites.  A unique combination of humor and lightheartedness with thought provoking wisdom.  My first, and favorite, Dr. Seuss book was ‘The First of Octember’. 

Heartbreak Harvey

I spent most of Sunday glued to the television, crying.   Feeling anxious after a sleepless night, feeling incredibly grateful, and truly amazed at the capacity and grace of the people of Houston.  Not much has changed in the days since then.

Magenta: My Anchor for Balance

Magenta Blues, is all about intentional balance, inspiring ordinary joy in everyday moments, and nurturing resilience.  For those times in life when stress, sorrow or disappointment are present, or everything seems overwhelming, the stories and ideas at Magenta Blues seek to provide comfort and connection in managing through those feelings.  

Magenta Musings

Magenta has become a positive thinking anchor for me -  it is symbolic of transformation, universal harmony and emotional balance.  It is the colour of strength and truth and peace.  I love the way magenta sounds, it reminds me of evocative words like magic, majesty and imagination.

Summer Beets

I have a special penchant for beetroot – it’s odd, I know, but there is an amity, a simpatico between me and the humble beet.  


The poetry of Jeff Buckley's songs still get me every time. It is twenty years ago today that our world lost this amazing artist. Grace was a pivotal soundtrack for me, and for my life. Read more…

Mother’s Day

I am childless. It’s not how I expected things to turn out. Not how I wanted things to turn out. But at forty-five, I am finally at peace with this. Read more…